Dylan Farrow Is Writing a Couple of YA Novels

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On Thursday, the New York Post reported that Dylan Farrow’s young adult book Hush was sold at auction to St. Martin’s Press in a two-book deal.

The Post had previously reported, on Tuesday, that up to half a dozen publisher were interested in working with Farrow, who turned down an initial $250,000 bid on the book proposal.

The novel’s concept was reportedly reached through a collaboration with Glasstown Entertainment. A spokesperson for St. Martin’s that the two novels will be “set in a world where those in control of society have the magic to control and silence the truth.” Which, save for the word “magic,” requires no stretch of imagination whatsoever to conjure. I’m hungry for more details.


Earlier this year, Farrow gave her first television interview about allegations she first made more than two decades ago that her adoptive father, director Woody Allen, molested her when she was a child.

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John Boehner


get it, girl! there are so few details, but if i get to have a child i can already feel myself shoving this in their sleepy little face while they’re like “But mom can you please read the Berenstain Bears: Too Much Junk Food instead?”