Ebony Obsidian definitely has the range. As Adrienne Hunt in Barry Jenkins’ upcoming film If Beale Street Could Talk, based on James Baldwin’s novel of the same name, she embodies a character who’s “super outspoken [and] super bold,” as she puts it. As an actor, Obsidian is best recognized for her guest role in Master of None, in the Thanksgiving episode that earned Lena Waithe a historic Emmy. That’ll change once Beale Street hits theaters on December 14.

Obsidian, born and raised in New Paltz, New York, pursued acting after first declaring a major in journalism; she quickly realized she did not possess the objectivity required to be a journalist. In Beale Street, she helps tell the story of a young woman in Harlem who desperately seeks to prove her husband’s innocence while carrying their first child.


After singing a few notes from her favorite karaoke number (courtesy of Whitney Houston), Obsidian talked about her worst on-set experience (it involves an awkward love scene) and bringing a Baldwin classic to life. Watch her interview above.

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