Eva Marcille Gets Real About the Drama on Real Housewives of Atlanta

Eva Marcille stopped by Jezebel, draped in fur, and ready to get candid about her experience so far as a full-time, peach-holding castmember on The Real Housewives of Atlanta.

In Episode 4, which aired November 25, veteran RHOA castmember Cynthia Bailey invited the women over for a barbecue and a game of “Pass the Peach,” which forced everyone to speak the truth about their fellow castmates. The others accused Eva of being not only deceitful but shady.

“I’m transparent, and when you’re that transparent, you get everything: the good the bad, and the things that we wish never happened,” Eva told Jezebel. “I can say that this is not my first time at the rodeo. I wasn’t completely surprised that people were coming out of left field. I was just surprised that everyone decided that today we’re gonna figure out how to mess with Eva.”

In addition to recapping her experience at the “Bailey-Cue” in our interview, Eva also reminisced about her relationship with Nene Leakes and explained why she would welcome Phaedra Parks back after the scandal that got her kicked off the show: “The Phaedra I know and then the Phaedra that the world knows can be two different Phaedras sometimes, so I would like to see her back on the show.”

Watch the video above, where Eva breaks down this season’s drama, explains the apparent “colorism” misunderstanding, and says why she’s the most frugal housewife.

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Isn’t she the one who has constantly throwing shade at Cynthia’s age/appearance and acting like she is some big shot supermodel because she won ANTM when in reality Cynthia has had a far far far more successful modeling career and is still very attractive (one might argue more than Eva) despite her age?