Fans Saved One Day at a Time

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Part of the heartbreak of loving television a little too much is the fact that many very smart, important, and groundbreaking shows get canceled well before they should (I’ll never forget you, My So-Called Life) and bonafide turds seem to run forever. So it’s lovely that One Day at a Time’s audience managed to get the show back on the air for at least one more season.


The series was initially canceled after a three-season run on Netflix, prompting many, like Variety TV critic Caroline Framke, to point out the hypocrisy of Netflix championing diversity while canceling one of its most diverse shows:

“The way in which this particular cancellation unfolded in light of Netflix’s recent push to tout its commitment to diversity represented the company at its most frustrating,” Framke wrote. “At a time when racist dog whistles dominate political debate and demonizing Latinx people is par for the course, ‘One Day at a Time’ provided a respite that isn’t just a relief, but a necessity.”

But the outcry over the cancelation seems to have worked. The show, which is a reboot of the 1970s Norman Lear classic, will move to CBS-owned Pop for at least a 13-episode fourth season in 2020 and will also be broadcast on CBS. Pop is also the network that airs underrated treasure Schitt’s Creek, so if they’d just nab Trial and Error they could have every brilliant show no one watches but everyone should.