FKA twigs Brings Her Stripper Pole to Fallon For Magnificent 'cellophane' Performance

Screenshot: Youtube

Late night music performances are the only good thing about late night television, and FKA twigs performing her song “cellophane” might be the only good thing about The Tonight Show.

FKA twigs, whose incredible new album MAGDALENE comes out November 8, sang the song last night on the show. She begins her performance sitting atop a piano, but the real magic happens when it’s revealed that the piano is actually attached to a stage fit with a stripper pole, where twigs twirls on live TV.


Twigs used to be a professional dancer, one relegated to the back of music videos, before she became an artist herself. A lot of her songs, like “Video Girl,” play with this past life as she dances on her own terms, and her performances of “cellophane” on the pole feel like a powerful extension of that.

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