For Those Afraid to Go to a Strip Club, the Magic Mike Musical Is Here For You

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Fans of sweaty, half-naked men and musical theater, rejoice! There is going to be a Magic Mike musical.


Entertainment Weekly reports that a musical prequel to the series is set to premiere in Boston, with Channing Tatum and Steven Soderbergh on board to produce. The production will run in Boston before moving to Broadway in 2020.

“This. Is. Happening.” Tatum posted on Instagram, holding up a Playbill for the show with several one dollar bills peeking out.


The bills raise a good question though, which is how close to the action is this audience going to get? My guess is not close enough to actually stick a dollar in a thong. You can currently go to a live Magic Mike experience in Vegas or, you know, a male strip club in your city of choice. But while I personally think adding some musical theatre into the mix makes Magic Mike deeply unsexy, I can see the appeal. If women need the cloak of a Broadway show to ogle some hunks, I salute ’em.

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Some of us want to ogle the pretty men, but we do not want to be grinded upon. I’m personally excited about this development. One idea is is that they can do on-stage seating as an option if you are pro-grind, but if you are anti-grind, you can just sit back and watch the show.