From the Looks of This Teaser, Vanessa Williams's Daytime Divas Will Be a Lot

Image screengrab via Vh1
Image screengrab via Vh1

Now that The View has become an unwatchable shell of its former shell, it’s probably a good time to introduce a show-within-a-show that’s based on that premise. So here’s Vanessa Williams teasing her Vh1 series Daytime Divas by performing a fun adaptation of 50 Cent’s “P.I.M.P.” (Imagine Barbara Walters doing this).


Divas is based on former View host Star Jones’ somewhat true-to-life but “fiction lol” book Satan’s Sisters... A Novel of Fiction. On the show, which premieres on June 5, Williams stars as Maxine Robinson, the host of daytime’s The Lunch Hour. “Daytime has never been this real,” Williams says in the promo. This looks like simultaneously too much and potentially delightful.

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I love Vanessa Williams, and I understand girls with some tone can begin to fade after a while without much they can do.

But what is up, Ms. Williams? Lil’ Kim and Michael Jackson syndrome? I seriously thought the photo was of the Spring character from American Gods.

EDIT: she looks more appropriate in the video, but that promo photo looks a little faded.

EDIT EDIT: Tichina Arnold? I’m all in for this - girl is a QUEEN. I haven’t seen her since she was on Fran Drescher’s last sitcom (Happily Divorced), which I thought was delightful (I love them both so).