HBO: Naming Project Greenlight's Latest Episode 'Hot Ghetto Mess' Was a 'Production Mistake'

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Project Greenlight’s latest episode was entitled “Hot Ghetto Mess,” which didn’t appear to refer to anything in an episode that focused largely on producer Effie Brown trying to ensure the creators of The Leisure Class didn’t stereotype the sole person of color in its class.


Jezebel reached out to HBO regarding the title and how it came to be, and the network—along with Magical Elves, a company that co-produces the show—has provided a statement:

Though it may not be obvious, the majority of Project Greenlight titles come from a line spoken inside the episode. An earlier cut of the one that aired Sunday included another chaotic day on set resulting in the remark “this is a hot ghetto mess.” In a scramble of last minute edits and changes, however, that scene was removed. The episode was then renamed the “The Pivot” but the change was not reflected on the delivered master. It was a production mistake for which we take full responsibility. HBO is taking steps to correct the title across its platforms.



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