He Who Will Not Be Named Is Not Welcome at Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

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President Trump will have to use an invisibility cloak to get into Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, because the actress who plays Hermione has effectively banned his ass from entering the theatre.

During an interview on the Tony Awards red carpet on Sunday night, Variety asked Noma Dumezweni—who plays Hermione Granger—if Trump should see Cursed Child.

“No,” she said. “Anybody else, yes.”


Before the “read another book!” cynics start salivating, no, Dumezweni didn’t explicitly compare Trump to Voldemort. But the quip came after Dumezweni addressed the ways in which the political undertones of the Harry Potter series is resonating with audiences, especially in the states.

“We all as human beings are fighting to be connected. If you’re not seen and not heard, that’s where dangerous stuff happens,” said Dumezweni. “That’s where people under the radar do very cruel things. And that’s what this play is about. It’s about bringing things into the light, letting your light shine. This is what JK’s always been about: Letting your darkness into the light.”

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child tells the story of Harry Potter—a stressed out employee at the Ministry of Magic—and his youngest son, Albus, who is about to attend Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. As a husband and father of three, Harry grapples with a past that haunts him, while Albus contends with the burden of his famed family’s legacy.

Cursed Child won a Tony Award for Best Play at last night’s ceremony. It also won an unofficial award for One of the Most Stressful Ticket Buying Experiences of My Fucking Life.

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Ashley Reese

The Cursed Child book has been sitting on my bookshelf for a couple of years, unread, because I haven’t been able to psych myself up to read the damn thing. I’m seeing the play this fall though so I figure I might as well read it before then...