Hear a Snippet of Naked DJ/Musician Paris Hilton's New Single

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Yeah! Paris Hilton, the award-winning DJ/musician, is releasing a new song titled “High Off My Love." My best guess is that it’s about being high off her love.


Paris Hilton the DJ/musician wrote this on Instagram:

My cover art is about to be released for my new single, High Off My Love. What do you think it should look like? Best entry wins a prize, Instagram it with #HighOffMyLoveArt


The message was accompanied by this chill photo.

You remember the surprisingly-not-terrible "Stars Are Blind," right? Get excited. Paris also posted an audio preview of her single and you can hear all the life-threatening bass and prancing keys that might someday (after its May 5 release) make you lose your mind in the club.


Images via Instagram

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Clover, I feel a deep connection with you for acknowledging the eminent boppability of "Stars Are Blind." I would hold out hope that she didn't reach her zenith with that one except I root so deeply against her success. I'm probably a bad person.