Here's 'Delilah,' a New, Lively Track From Florence and the Machine

Of all the Florences that Florence and the Machine has given us, I like first-album Florence best: that maniacally blossoming, open-air folk mysticism, magnified by colorful chords and a big, rock-leaning beat. The new stuff she’s been releasing from How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful—out June 1 on Island—has been languid in comparison, and so “Delilah” feels very welcome, kicking into its beat early by Florence standards (1:34), rollicking through a lively call-and-response, and, around 3:15, hitting a beautiful major bridge that ends too soon.


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THANK YOU JIA for bringing this to my attention! I’m actually digging the new Flo lately - it’s just taking/it took time to grow on me, the same way Ceremonials did. I can’t wait to hear all these songs in context of the full album.