Here's What It's Like to Be Björk's Dentist

If you were, hypothetically, a celebrity dentist and if you were, hypothetically, about to work on the hallowed mouth of Icelandic art star Björk would you, hypothetically, get high on your own supply? Like just a touch of nitrous, beforehand? Of course that would be unethical, but check it: “Mouth Mantra” is Björk’s new video and it’s a gingivitis-eye view into her mouthal cavity with a trippy twist, a look at her teeth as translated via fractal cam FX. Given that she’s been so obsessed with the corporeal as of late—and her whole career, really—it stands to reason she’d take the visuals literally, with a result that is quite beautiful and monstrous at the same time. Anyway, if you ever wondered what Björk’s tonsils looked like, here’s your chance to have that burning question answered.

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If there is one thing a person can hold on to in this world and feel secure about, is that Björk will always be Björk, and that is truly a great thing.