Here's Your First Look at the Last of The Good Place

The Good Place’s final season (WAH) premieres later this month, and NBC has released a charming, if existentially depressing, glimpse at what’s coming next, in addition to a look back on some classic Good Place highlights. Do not read on or watch the above video if you’re not caught up, unless you’re a glutton for SPOILERS, and note that Netflix has the whole third season streaming now, so you have no excuses

Meanwhile, for the rest of us: it seems that we’ll be spending some time in the new neighborhood Eleanor’s helped construct, now our bad/good Band of Brothers are trying to reform the Bad/Good Place points system. So far, it looks like that effort includes Janet making an iridescent truth-telling baby elephant, which I would also like for my home as well. There’s also going to be an assuredly fun plot point involving Chidi and his memory wipe, though personally I would just like these two to be happy together without any more mind-fucking shenanigans, OK???

Mostly, the video’s a depressing reminder that one of television’s best shows is almost over, though since we’re inundated with new shows every 35 seconds, perhaps its best that The Good Place forever remain in our collective memory as a tight, funny, five-season masterpiece, instead of droning on incessantly for 16 seasons like some other television shows that also seem to be about sending all their main characters to hell.


The Good Place’s final season premieres on NBC on September 26. Please, someone cast Ted Danson elsewhere immediately.


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Honestly I’m going to be sad to say goodbye of course, but I am very happy that Schur & Co are sticking to their limited timeframe.

More tv shows should follow this example, of creating a concept, mapping the concept out, then only making the number of episodes you need to satisfactorily tell your story. In addition to The Good Place, Crazy Ex Girlfriend and Avatar: The Last Airbender/Legend of Korra are other great examples of this.

I’m not opposed to long running sitcom type shows that go forever (Bob’s Burgers, for example, is still a highly enjoyable show IMO). But I think those tend to work best when the show is mostly just about zany characters bouncing off of each other in various settings. Any show centered on drama, mystery, or a specific concept (like The Good Place) needs to really have a plan, and show runners need to have the guts to stick to those plans.

All that to say, I am very excited to watch the final season! The Good Place really feels like a near perfect tv show to me, and I believe that they are going to finish strong.