The ‚Äô90s reboot to end all ‚Äô90s reboots is here‚ÄĒNickelodeon is bringing back its iconic game show Double Dare this summer with 40 episodes. I‚Äôm not sure who asked for this, but sign me the fuck up.

In case you‚Äôve forgotten your youth‚ÄĒlisten, bud, it‚Äôs hard out there, I get it. Double Dare was a game show in which two teams competed in a series of super messy, physical challenges and/or trivia questions to win prizes. The show premiered in 1986, aired through 1993, and became Nickelodeon‚Äôs longest running game show. You might remember the human hamster wheel, or the Mouse Trap-esque obstacle courses. And if you‚Äôre me, you remember this gross, slime snot nose task thing called ‚ÄúPick It‚ÄĚ:

Screenshot: Pinterest

According to¬†Variety, the revival will feature ‚Äúseveral unnamed guests from the show‚Äôs earlier years,‚ÄĚ whatever that means. I‚Äôm hoping they‚Äôre alluding to the fact that adults can participate (because, honestly, what kid of now-time wants this?) and I can play. Please, Marc Summers*, if you‚Äôre out there, pick me.

Revisit some of the greatness here.

*He’s the host! You know that, olds.