I Would Like to Never Think About JoJo Rabbit Ever Again

Do you hear the rumbling underfoot? That’s the sound of a thousand stylists in chunky sneakers rushing around to various showrooms in Los Angeles, yelling on the phone and battling for supremacy on the awards circuit red carpet death match tournament, which climaxes in two weeks at the 92nd Annual Academy Awards. Luckily, Jezebel is here to explain all the movies in Oscar contention.

Have you heard about that movie, JoJo Rabbit? After watching it for this video, I wish I had not. Here are some facts about JoJo Rabbit: It is a movie about Nazis that also wants me to laugh along with Nazis. It is a movie that asks its audience to sympathize with a poor little Nazi boy who really wants to participate in the Holocaust, only to learn that perhaps it is better to lust after his young Jewish friend than actively wish her dead. It is also a movie whose Nazi costumes garnered it four award nominations, including one win from the Costume Designers Guild for “Excellence in Period Film.” Again, these are just some facts about JoJo Rabbit—facts I will probably never think about again, if I have any choice in the matter.


Producer: Lisa Fischer, Senior Producer: Jennifer Perry, Editor: Olivia Akien

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my takeaway was definitely different.

to me it was more about the power of propaganda.

and - i imagine a young boy in that environment would have total buy in and idealization of Hitler. which he grows to understand is not the truth of the world. i thought it was about shedding childhood fantasies through devastating loss to learn that the world was bigger and more complex than he ever realized.

i might be over complicating it, but that was my takeaway.
it was no boy in stripped pajamas, but it had its moments