Here are some confusing things about the upcoming Halloween movie:

  • It is the third film in the franchise named simply Halloween, after 1978's original and Rob Zombieā€™s 2007 remake/reimagining/reopening of old wounds.
  • This film pointedly ignores all of the sequels in the franchise. ā€œIt was not her brother, thatā€™s something people made up,ā€ says Laurie Strodeā€™s granddaughter about her attacker Michael Myers in this trailer. The revelation that Myers was Strodeā€™s brother occurred in 1981's Halloween II. Thus, this eleventh installment in a 40-year-old franchise creates another branch on a complicated timeline. The original, Halloween II, and then 4 through 6 comprise one narrative cycle. Halloween H20: 20 Years Later (the seventh film in the series) ignored 4 through 6, and was followed by Halloween: Resurrection, which featured Tyra Banks, Busta Rhymes, and a rather pathetic death scene for Jamie Lee Curtisā€™s Laurie Strode character. (I donā€™t know if that counts as a spoiler as itā€™s being disregarded in the latest Halloween, which once again stars Curtis). Then came Rob Zombieā€™s Halloween and its sequel, Halloween II, which was not a remake of 1981's Halloween II, but did reference the first Halloween II by being partially set in a hospital. Halloween III: Season of the Witch does not feature Michael Myers as its villain (the killer in III is a corporation and its weaponized masks), but a character in III at one point does watch a trailer for the original Halloween. Got all that?
  • Because of the way sheā€™s styled, Jamie Lee Curtis is giving off serious Benjamin Franklin vibes.

Anyway, maybe this will be fun and good. Danny McBride co-wrote it with director David Gordon Green. Itā€™s out in October.