'I'm Not Just a TV Show, This Is My Life' Says a Teary Khloe Kardashian in KUWTK Teaser

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Season 16 of Keeping Up with the Kardashians premieres Sunday night on E! and judging by the tear-filed trailer, Khloe Kardashian is finally ready to speak about Tristan Thompson’s infidelity and the drama surrounding family friend Jordyn Woods. In an ideal world, she’ll apologize for blaming Woods for her ex-partner’s shitty behavior, but if I know anything about reality television, that probably won’t be teased out until the finale, if it happens at all.


The minute-and-a-half long teaser opens with Khloe Kardashian holding back tears, saying, “It just sucks that it has to be so public. I’m not just a TV show. Like, this is my life... Tristan might love me, whatever that means. He has no respect for me whatsoever.” In another scene, she’s shown screaming into a cell phone, “My life was ruined.”

Also it looks like Kim and Kanye might be moving to Chicago? Watch the teaser below.


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Little Miss Scatterbrained

I’m sorry, I just can’t sympathize much for her. You choose to make your life this public. Remember the third Osbourne sibling? No, you don’t. Because she was smart enough to stay out of this mess.