Jennifer Lopez Accidentally and Then Intentionally Scams Her Way to the Top in Second Act

The idea that Jennifer Lopez, a woman who defies science by looking roughly half her age, would be the victim of ageist discrimination in the job market is a tough idea for me to get behind. But I totally buy it in the trailer for her latest movie, Second Act.

J. Lo plays Maya, a woman who dreams of a career beyond her job at a store that looks a lot like Wal-Mart. She gets a little help when a kind computer-savvy teenager (her son? Leah Remini’s son?) gives her a new fake identity online, complete with a fake rich-people FaceBook page and convincingly Photoshopped pictures of her hanging out with Obama. Maya’s resume comes across someone’s desk at a big fancy company, and she somehow locks in the job—which makes sense because, hello, she’s J. Lo! How do you not give her every job?

What follows seems to be a battle over identity, self-worth, and business formal attire. This movie seems extremely cute and not extremely cheesy, which is the No. 1 reason I don’t go see movies that look cute in theaters.

Senior Writer, Jezebel

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Detective Brenda Lee Johnson

It looks cute, but I did kind of bristle at the beginning with all the sass about college education. It seems to maintain the myth that going to college makes you wealthy and successful which as most of my generation knows is incredibly false.