Jesus Must Win So That John Legend Can EGOT

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Our friend—my friendJohn Legend needs to get this one Emmy Award to become an EGOT sensation.


Legend picked up two Emmy nominations on Thursday for his role as a hipster Jesus Christ in the NBC musical Jesus Christ Superstar (which itself earned 13 nominations), which means if he wins, he will join the short list of entertainers who’ve achieved the highest accolade in show business: an Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, and Tony.

Previously, Legend scored an Oscar (with Common) for Best Original Song Oscar in 2015 for Selma’s “Glory”; he won a Tony Award for Jitney and has many Grammy Awards to his name for singing beautiful songs.


May the Lord be with him, and also with us.

Culture Editor, Jezebel

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Sure, John must win but you know who must win too? Brandon Victor Dixon! His Judas was UN-HECKIN’-BELIEVABLE! And this is probably my favorite number ever:

(Also he was playing Burr on Broadway when the VP Elect went to see Hamilton and he’s the one who addressed him at curtain call.)