Jezebel's Son or Boyfriend Timothée Chalamet is Back in Beautiful Boy

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After coming off the big successes of Lady Bird and  Call Me By Your Name, Timothée Chalamet has mostly been laying low (aside from embarrassing us at Cannes)–until now. The actor has been teasing an announcement on Twitter all week, and has finally shared the poster for his new film, Beautiful Boy.


The tearjerker that is bound to captivate our hearts features Steve Carell as a salt-and-pepper-haired father who is grappling with the addiction struggles of his teenage son, played by Chalamet. The father-son duo drama is based on the true story of Nic Sheff and his father, David Sheff–who shared their stories in profoundly personal memoirs of their own. The Amazon-backed film is the English-language debut of Belgian director Felix Van Groeningen, who is known for The Broken Circle Breakdown. The full trailer was released on Wednesday, and the film premieres in theaters on October 12th.

I’ll be watching–partially because I’m a sucker for any film that’s based on a true story, and also because I’d like to have an artistic image of Chalamet in my mind that doesn’t involve peaches. Cheers to our beautiful boy on Beautiful Boy.



All I want is a movie where Timothee Chalamet and Ezra Miller play brothers. Is that too much to ask?