Katy Perry's Career Is Never Really Over

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Katy Perry’s last album, Witness, was an undisputed flop, rife with weird, vague social messages and a gimmicky live-stream of her life to promote it. If you think I’m being cruel, Perry herself admitted it didn’t meet her expectations. “That was the first time, in a long time, that I didn’t get my way,” she told Glamour in 2018. But Perry, who has had great pop hits in her before (Teenage Dream is a classic, like I even need to say this, and I’d give anything for her to make another “Hot N Cold”) is crawling back to music.


On Friday, she released her new song “Never Really Over,” complete with a music video that looks like it takes place at the sort of hippie, self-help retreat Don Draper might find himself at in his darkest moments. Surprisingly, I’m getting serious Haim vibes from the song’s melody, with its words-all-running-together chorus, and the production would find itself at home on Carly Rae Jepsen’s Dedicated. It’s new for Katy, for sure, but will it be a hit?

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I actually enjoyed this, the song and the video. The song is catchy. And the video is fun to look at with great costumes and style...Katy found herself a theme she could play with that wasn’t blatant cultural appropriation. I do want to know though what kind of boob wizardry they were using for that orange dress towards the end.