Kirsten Dunst Will Proudly Take You Into the World of Pyramid Schemes

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If your Facebook feed is filled on a daily basis with former high school peers and stay-at-home moms shilling amazing opportunities to buy and sell cheap makeup and ugly leggings for some major cash, it’s likely the result of MLMs: multilevel marketing scams. People who swear by them will assure you they’re not pyramid schemes, but indeed they almost always are. And who better than to take you into the dark underbelly of MLMs than Kirsten Dunst, who will play an Orlando woman working her way up through one in the new show On Becoming a God In Central Florida.

Dunst plays Krystal Stubbs, who works at a water park in 1992 as a minimum-wage employee. After being scammed by the FAM (Founders American Merchandise) and falling into financial ruin, Stubbs “schemes and cons” her way through FAM to get her revenge and her life back, Variety reports. The show has been kicking around for a while now: in 2017 it was reported that AMC had picked up the comedy, and then it was going to premiere on YouTube, and now Showtime has it (an August 25 premiere).

Anna Delvey, who? I’m only here for Krystal Stubbs now.

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This is the perfect time for Jezebel to do a long piece about how MLMs prey on vulnerable women in the name of feminism and financial freedom when the reality is it sucks them dry and leaves them friendless and poorer than they started out.  It’s so gross how MLMs work and what they do to people.