Lana Del Rey Will Release a 'Gritty' Spoken Word Album

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In an Instagram video posted Thursday night, Lana Del Rey announced that she’s releasing a spoken word album in January. The album will be sold for “around a dollar,” and half of the proceeds will benefit Native American organizations.

In the video, Lana explains that she, “wanted to pay homage to the country that I love so much by doing my own reparation, I guess I would say.” She also assures fans that the record is “not particularly polished. It’s a bit more gritty.”

Image: Getty

I was hoping she was referring to the Philadelphia Flyers’ cuddly orange mascot, but alas, I think she was being a bit more sincere than that:

In March, Del Rey announced that she was self-publishing and hand-binding collection of poetry called Violet Bent Backwards Over Grass, which would retail for “$1… because my thoughts are priceless,” as she wrote on Instagram. Apparently that process is taking much too long (it sounds arduous) so fans are getting the $1 spoken-word record to tide them over.

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