Let's All Cringe and Remember Christina Aguilera's 'Dirrty' Phase

This is the first episode of Not a Phase, a weekly video series where Jezebel remembers some of the most delightfully cringeworthy phases of a celebrity’s life, even though they would probably like us to forget.

When Christina Aguilera released her album Stripped in 2002, she bid adieu to her flirty girl-next-door persona and ushered in the era of Xtina: her hyper-sexualized revamp with a Donald Trump spray tan and an “urban” (we all know what that means) edge.


In the video above, Jezebel takes a look back at Aguilera’s short-lived transformation and how Stripped’s empowerment message was at times overshadowed by the power of shock value.

Staff writer, mint chocolate hater.

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The Incinerator's Lost Key

When we have conversations about appropriation, I wish we’d do our research. Christina is half Ecuadorian. I don’t know how she self identifies, but why ignore it? Because she looks like the average white chick?