Life Lessons From DJ Khaled, Motivational Snapchatter and Arbiter of 'Success!'

Do you know about America’s newest inspirational guru DJ Khaled? He is not just the guy behind all those posse radio tracks; he is a teacher and a friend to Miami, as well as the rest of the world. From his social feeds, we’ve learned so much. If it rains, give thanks. If you get pulled over on your jet ski because you’re a baller that owns a jet ski, give thanks.


Hell, if you forget how to spell while choosing your album title I Changed Alot, you know what to do—give thanks!

As a tribute to his recent Snapchat greatness, now immortalized across the internet, Jezebel has collected a number of his wonderful moments for your enjoyment. Remember, each gem proves that he changed a lot (see what we did there?) and you can too! Let the lessons begin.

(Note: This post was typed in the voice of DJ KHALED! and must be read in the voice of DJ KHALED! for the fullest, richest experience of DJ KHALED!)

When you’re answering fan questions about the ultimate key to success, tweet like DJ Khaled:

When you want to document your general swexy and baffle your onlookers, take selfies like DJ Khaled:


When you want to stunt on fans with your garden statues and in-ground pool, take videos like DJ Khaled:


When you gotta make sure everyone knows that you know Beyoncé’s husband, turn your phone on like DJ Khaled:


When you’re trying to pronounce “jewelry,” something you wear a lot of, power through it like DJ Khaled:

When you’re trying to pronounce “accurate” accurately, do whatever it is that DJ Khaled is doing here:

When you want to encourage people to keep their face clean and eat apples, Snapchat like DJ Khaled (we encourage you to click on these tweets to appreciate them in their full glory):


When you need recommendations for your home and body purchases, turn to none other than DJ Khaled:


When you’re outside but fools won’t let you in, Snapchat like DJ Khaled:


When you’re practicing your swexy face a lot, perhaps too much, get inspired by DJ Khaled:


And of course, when you want to bring others along on your journey toward—what else!—success, take notes from DJ Khaled:


He’s the bessssss!

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i just found out about Khaleds snap chat yesterday and it makes me wish I did snap chat.

ALSO a few weekends ago I met a cousin of one of my friends and his name was Khaled and he was very polite and laughed when I said “dj Khaled nice to meet you" because apparently EVERY American says that to him.