Lindsay Lohan Has Been Unmasked as a Terrible Judge on The Masked Singer Australia

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After failing to identify a single Australian celebrity contestant and feuding with some person named Jackie O on The Masked Singer Australia, Lindsay Lohan will be removed from her role as judge on the televised singing competition. She will not return for Season 2, Decider reports.


An undisclosed source told Aussie tabloid New Idea, “She is being replaced. She was tricky with demands and had a complete lack of respect for time schedules.” Considering that Lohan’s beef with Jackie O kicked off after the later party accused Lindsay of taking hour-long lunch breaks, holding off production and forcing the rest of the staff to wait for her—this isn’t the first time those complaints have been brought up.

I’m sad to see Lohan go, but mostly because I think the only improvement this perfectly bizarre show could make is to hire a panel of judges who are completely unaware of local celebrities. And who can fault Lohan for not knowing who Gretel Killeen is? That’s Lindsay Lohan from The Parent Trap. If it’s not a club promoter in Mykonos, she’s not getting out of bed. Imagine if instead of a Pussycat Doll, the “Blurred Lines” asshole, and an anti-vaxxer, the U.S. version of the show was judged by people like Lohan? Talent who clearly doesn’t know what’s going on and feels no shame for not recognizing the C-listers who appear before them, dressed as a giant bug. Justice for Lindsay.

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I know Lindsay is in the wrong here, but...everyone deserves an hour for lunch. I believe in some unions it’s even mandatory. Are there no entertainment/arts unions in Australia?