Listen to Calvin Harris's New Piano House Jam 'How Deep Is Your Love'

It’s taken me a strong 20 minutes to finish this first sentence because I keep getting up from my desk to dance. New from Calvin Harris and London trio Disciples—who I’d guess are responsible for a good amount of the subtlety in this track (the vocal, apparently, is Norwegian songwriter Ina Wroldsen)—”How Deep Is Your Love” is a straightforward, minimalist full-on heater with a contagious playfulness in its three main hooks, which hit one after another: the title line, the distorted riff, the chanted refrain. So tell me how deep is your love, can we go deeper? Let me play this song 50 more times tonight (and mix it into the Rapture) and we’ll find out.


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This is good stuff. I always feel like Calvin Harris gets a lot undeserved hate when his main sin is that he writes stuff that’s so catchy that it gets overplayed to death. Deep house Calvin Harris sounds great though, I hope he does more like this