Lorde Covered a Cool, Melancholy Frank Ocean Song

New Zealand’s preeminent sprite/grandma/teen Lorde is currently touring in support of her album Melodrama. Whilst performing in Milwaukee on Thursday evening, she trotted out a Frank Ocean cover.


“Solo,” a melancholy little track from Blonde, Ocean’s latest release, will make you cry if listened to in the right mood. Lorde’s rendition is slightly more menacing than the original—a song for a traveller walking through dark woods. Walking solo. Alone. You get it?

It’s a solid cover of a good song—though one does have to wonder if Lorde knows what “redbone” means. Has she Googled it? Did she ask Jack Antonoff? Did he know what it meant? Did he ask Lena? Did she text Donald Glover? All great questions that will sadly go unanswered. Lorde also plied the audience with a shimmery ditty titled “Precious Metals,” which didn’t make it onto the album.

Managing Editor, Jezebel

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meh i don’t think she did that song justice. at all. although “precious metals” is cool!

i’ve decided that if i ever get married i want my ceremony to be set to frank ocean songs. i will walk down the aisle to “white ferrari”.