Miley Cyrus's Latex Vagina Teeth Will Absolutely Eat You

Screenshot: RCA/YouTube

Sometimes I am of the mindset that I might know Miley Cyrus’s body better than my own (thanks, 2013 VMAs). Her latest music video is one of those times.

As Cyrus crawls on the floor singing, “Oh my God/She’s got the power” in the video for “Mother’s Daughter,” she also opens the floor up for cameos from various models, including a black girl in a superhero cape and a fat woman lounging on a fainting chair—it’s all very much meant to induce phrases like “inclusive” and “empowering.”


But another star of the video is Cyrus’s red latex catsuit, which in some shots reveals a sparkling set of vagina teeth.


How does she manage to gyrate in this?


The song repeats confrontational lines like, “Back up, back up, back up boy,” and “I’m a freak, I’m freak, hallelujah,” so the message is clear: Miley Cyrus’s vagina will absolutely eat you, and you should be scared.

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