Prince Royce’s “Back It Up,” my song of the summer, has a few iterations; the original features just Pitbull, and he’s also released both English and Spanish language versions with Jennifer Lopez added to the docket. But for the video for the song, he’s brought in J.Lo as the star, is mostly singing in English, and oh yeah, Pitbull’s there too. Just the right combination for true domination of the summer airwaves.

“Ain’t nothin fake on you, you so real,” Prince Royce croons at J.Lo’s admirable bod, which is the focal point of this video. The rest of it is pretty boring (Pitbull does exactly the same thing in every one of his videos), but the beginning, where Prince Royce is hanging out fully-clothed by a pool, listening to “Back It Up” on his own headphones, only to be stopped dead by J.Lo’s entrance, as the models surrounding him do an almost synchronized swimming move (but on dry land) with their legs, is a nice touch.

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