Nicole Byer has got a new show on Netflix that is basically Pinterest fails brought to life.

Eater reports that Byer will be accompanied by rotating guest judges on Netflix’s new anti-baking show Nailed It. Contestants could potentially win $10,000 for creating a tasty, baked treat that resembles the paragon of the form they’re given to model their own entry on. It’s a little unclear if the show is asking amateur chefs to create something on the spot or if they’re just dragging random people on the street into the studio, but the trailer vibe is pretty loosey-goosey.


My secret shame is that I don’t enjoy baking shows or reality TV very much at all, even though I know there is nothing uncool about doing so. So much dead air! Just show me a listicle of Most Beautiful Cakes and I’m good. But this take is really speaking to me. I want to see total insanity in the kitchen and inedible confections. I want failure to be celebrated. Who cares who makes the best cake? Let’s laugh at the worst ones. Nailed it.

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