Natalie Portman Is a Tough-Talking, Glitter-Covered Pop Star in the Trailer for Vox Lux

Screenshot: Youtube

Considering Vox Lux stars Natalie Portman as a pop star who overcomes a childhood school shooting, you’d think the movie would be dark. But judging from the trailer, it looks like a surprisingly good time.

Slathered in glitter, black eyeliner, and black leather, Portman plays Celeste (with a Staten Island accent, no less!), a pop star who went viral for singing at a memorial for a mass shooting. After seeing Portman play such frail, whispery figures like Jackie Kennedy and the lead in Annihilation, it’s fun to see her play such a diva here, slamming her fists on tables and screaming her head off backstage. In Cate Young’s review for Jezebel, she writes:

Thrust into the national spotlight with an anthemic track borne out of surviving a Columbine-like tragedy, Celeste’s career is initially boosted by the nation’s goodwill for her, but as she ages, she gets wise to the industry’s function as an assembly line for what she calls “people with a good story,” working overtime to make sure hers is always fresh.


Hmm, another movie about how pop music is evil? Gimme!

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