New Toni Morrison Documentary The Pieces I Am Naturally Comes Stocked with Amazing Quotes

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“Navigating a white, male world wasn’t threatening. It wasn’t even interesting. I was more interesting than they were, and I wasn’t afraid to show it,” says Nobel Prize-winning author Toni Morrison in the trailer for a new documentary about her life and books, Toni Morrison: The Pieces I Am. The bio-doc, which has shown so far at a variety of film festivals (including Sundance) to rave reviews, will be released in theaters June 21.

Among the stellar talking-head quotes from the national treasure that is Morrison in this brief taste of the two-hour doc are: “Texas Bureau of Corrections banned Paradise because it might incite a riot. And I thought, ‘How powerful is that?’” And, “A friend of mine called me up early in the morning and said, ‘Toni, you won the Nobel Prize,’ and I remember holding the phone thinking, ‘She must be drunk.’” Sounds like a fun friend, in any event.

Also featured in the preview are a few instances of Oprah Winfrey raving about Morrison with a bread-ecstatic fervor. The film also features the likes of: Angela Davis, Hilton Als, Fran Lebowitz, Walter Mosley, Sonia Sanchez, and Farah Griffin, some of whom can be spotted rhapsodizing Morrison and her talent in the trailer below.

Some Pig. Terrific. Radiant. Humble.

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