Not Even Drake Can Get Away From Drake

Image: Getty (dazzle by Sam Woolley)

Drake is currently that dog chasing after its own tail with a big-ass clueless smile on his face. Two short weeks after releasing his album Scorpion, Drake has snatched his third Billboard Hot 100 No. 1 song of the year and his sixth No. 1 ever with “In My Feelings,” which ousted his previous single “Nice for What,” which topped the chart four separate times—a first ever, historically. Prior to that, “God’s Plan” was running the show...which is also by (you guessed it) Drake. Now, all three singles are living happily ever after in the top 10.

Other songs on Scorpion are debatably better, including “Don’t Matter to Me” and “Summer Games,” but the current star single off the album happened to birth the “In My Feelings” challenge (which surely you’ve heard about by now, thanks to the millions of vids on your feed that are not that great, with the exception of funny tias + Will Smith, who’s very good at the gram). So that challenge is partially responsible for the song’s success.

That being said, this sweep makes Drake the rapper with the most Hot 100 No. 1 hits of all time. Congrats to the daddy and record-holder.

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I love every last one of the In My Feelings challenges. I especially get a kick out of seeing idiots trying to leap out of the driver’s seat...while they are driving....and expect to seamlessly start rapping.