Oh No! Scream Queens Looks Like It Might Be Bad!

I’ve been dying to see Scream Queens since it was announced: Ryan Murphy-created horror-comedy about sorority murders starring Emma Roberts? Sign me up! A longer trailer just dropped, though, and after some hokey Diablo Cody-style slang invention (“Pissy Spacek”? eesh), a stereotypical flashback-to-the-’80s device, Lea Michele in general, and a way-too-obvious callback to Heathers, I’m a little scared, and not in the way they want me to be.


Still, the cast is phenomenal—I love you Niecy Nash!—and I’m sure we’ll all give it a chance for at least a few episodes before slinking back to the black hole of cynicism that is our couches. It can’t be as bad as American Horror Story: Freak Show, right?

Scream Queens premieres in September on Fox.

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Oh, my God, this looks TERRIBLE.

Which normally would mean I’d watch! But Emma Roberts is just such a blemish.