Open Thread: Colton Underwood Must Make a Choice in The Bachelor Finale, Part 1

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After 20 hours of nail-bitting entertainment and only one instance of fence-hopping, the Bachelor finale is here. Season 23 has been... a season. From a mostly slow-paced, virgin-joke-heavy start to an in-your-face whirlwind of heartbreak and Demi-isms in the latter half—not to mention, a record number of women voluntarily leaving and breaking up with Colton Underwood instead of the other way around—at some point in the next two days, over the course of a two-part finale, the 26-year-old from Denver is expected to make a decision.


Last week, Cassie’s departure took up most of Monday night’s screen time, so Underwood’s date with content creator Hannah G. in Algarve, Portugal never aired. Did it even take place? Is that what can be expected in tonight’s episode? How can he even consider proposing to one of the two remaining women, Hannah and Tayshia, if he already professed his love to Cassie, saying that it was a challenge to date the other women because he only wanted her? When will the producers announce the next Bachelorette?

Discuss in the comments below. (Bonus points for conspiracy theories and petty predictions.)

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Maria Sherman

Tayshia dodged a bullet!