Please Enjoy This Video of Kelly Clarkson Covering 'Shallow'

I am that rare person who did not care for A Star Is Born, and yet I refuse to remove “Shallow” from my running playlist. Curious! Less curious, and more, uh, very good, is Kelly Clarkson’s cover of said song, which she performed at her concert in Green Bay, Wisconsin on Friday, per Vulture.


It seems Clarkson, the Queen of Good Covers, harbors more positive feelings for A Star Is Born than I do, probably because she is a normal person who does not hate Love. “This song, I just, I love it. It’s from that movie that she’s nominated for a billion awards for, and I hope she wins,” Clarkson said, before belting out a truly masterful, utterly Kelly Clarkson rendition that doesn’t steal Lady Gaga’s thunder. (She does out-sing Bradley Cooper, but who wouldn’t.)

I do have one complaint: instead of mimicking Gaga’s signature “HAAAAAAAW” during the bridge, Clarkson does an “OOOOOOOOOOOOOH.” You cannot do “Shallow” without a “HAAAAAAAW.” It is illegal in at least 14 states, if not 20. I do not want to see Clarkson fined, but I do not make the rules. Please re-insert the “HAAAAAAAW” so we can all clap heartily and then move on.


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re: the rare person who did not care for A Star Is Born

Ditto. I went in expecting a lot more, maybe because all the hype, but I thought it was kind of reaching. It felt like it crossed the line from ‘poignant’ to ‘pointed’ for me.

By no means was it a bad movie, but best picture? Humbug. That said, I expect it will do well since it made sure to carefully hit all those emotional notes the academy loves when it comes to talking about itself. See: LaLa Land.