Producers Admit That The Crown's Prince Was Paid More Than Its Queen

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Producers of Netflix series The Crown admitted on Tuesday, at the INTV Conference in Jerusalem, that Claire Foy, who stars as Elizabeth II, was paid less than her show husband Matt Smith (Prince Philip), who works in a supporting actor capacity.


When asked whether Smith had made more money than Foy in the show’s first two seasons, the producers admitted that he had, pointing to his Doctor Who fame as the reason, to which Left Bank creative director Suzanne Mackie added that, “going forward, no one gets paid more than the Queen.” Variety reported that Left Bank CEO Andy Harries and its production designer Martin Childs were the other two members of that panel.

This brief exchange of course leaves much unanswered. For instance, while it’s true that Foy was cast to star in The Crown while still relatively unknown (she had, however, appeared in the acclaimed 2015 BBC mini-series Wolf Hall), it’s not clear why she wasn’t paid at least as much as Smith once the first season of The Crown gave her success and an undeniable reputation.


Besides, Left Bank’s promise to pay the Queen the most in subsequent seasons is hardly a boon for Foy personally since the show’s third season will feature an entirely new cast as the story time-jumps a couple decades into the future.

Variety reported in August that Foy was paid $40,000 per episode, which sounds less generous when one considers the show’s budget is at least $7 million per episode. Smith’s salary has not been disclosed.

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It was maybe forgivable to pay her less in S1 when she was, as you said, unknown. But when they saw what a fucking massive hit it was they should have at least brought her up to Matt Smith’s level for S2 if only for optics’ sake. Like, come on.

I’m especially infuriated because I’m pissed about gender gap at my job right now. There is this guy, sweet guy, but kind of a moron, who was hired a level higher than I was with less experience than I brought to the table (he’s 3 years younger and just has LESS experience as a result, I’m only 11 years outta college here, there’s little wiggle room). And while it’s not his fault, I get so fucking mad when my boss is like, “Oh, you’re almost at level x, good job, you’ll be promoted soon!” and I just want to scream: “you hired that BABY MAN for who knows how much more $$ than I make at that higher level after I started, and I perform about 7x better than he does and you’re all a bunch of sexist FUCKING BASTARDS and FUUUUCK YOU.” But because I’m beholden to this capitalist system and I do want the promo and more money, I just smile and plan my eventual escape once I get that extra $$ for negotiating purposes. People go on and on about how nice he is and I’m like, yah, he’s nice, but I’m nice, too, and I GET SHIT DONE whereas he pontificates (guy quality in corp america while all the women actually do work) about like leadership skills and slide decks and shit. Men get credit for showing up with a dick, and women always have to work so much harder to get what they get for SHOWING UP WITH A DICK. And I’m saying this as a white woman in a good job (like objectively I am fine I’m just mildly tipsy and whatever), but I still have to put up with this shit. So much worse for women of color and those in blue collar work. Like fuck everything fuck fuck.

Ok so i had rose wine and I’m not done venting - and then they’re like, “Oh, you’re only area of growth is confidence, be more confident,” and I’m like, well maybe I would have MORE confidence if you’d hired me at the level I fucking deserved and didn’t hire BABY MEN with LESS EXPERIENCE for MORE PAY and flaunt it in my face while he pontificates about fucking organizational structures and is surprised that I know so much and I’m actually DOING THE JOB BETTER THAN HE DOES AND UGHHHHH.

basically claire foy i FEEL YA GIRL. moar wineeee