Ruth Bader Ginsburg Recalls Feeling Like 'a Kindergarten Teacher' for Men, in RBG Trailer

Here’s a glimpse at RBG, the upcoming documentary about the beloved Supreme Court Justice, ranging from her legal battles to her modern-day status as a meme.


Our own Clover Hope wrote, after catching a screening of the film at Sundance: “Directors Betsy West and Julie Cohen present her as a brilliant legal mind (the lone woman among Ivy League men and the first woman member of the Harvard Law Review), as well as a reserved, workout-obsessed cultural star with a love for opera (and a weird friendship with Antonin Scalia).”

In an interview for the doc, about her work as an attorney, Ginsburg says, “I did see myself as sort of a kindergarten teacher in those days, because the judges didn’t think sex discrimination existed,” which is both an incredibly harsh burn and a familiar sentiment. RBG is out in May.


Senior Editor, Attic Haunter, Jezebel

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