Saturday Night Live Teases Millennials With the Impossible Erotic Thrill of Home Ownership

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OK, so I know that generational discourse is bullshit, that someone from Generation X wouldn’t necessarily be all that different from a Millennial just because the former was born in 1980 and the latter in 1981, that it’s all just an excuse to sell books and or publish blogs and articles (hi), etc., etc., etc., but still! Millennials are NOT doing OK right now.


Well, the wealthy ones are fine, apparently, buying multimillion-dollar “starter homes,” according to Insider. But the vast majority of Americans born between 1981 and 1997 have been grappling with an increasingly unaffordable cost of living, staggering student loan debt, and a beyond-bleak job market since the Great Recession, all of which has only intensified during the coronavirus pandemic.

All of this shit combined has made the formerly more attainable Boomer standard of homeownership a fantasy for most Millennials—a perverse one, even, given how wildly out of reach it is for their cohort. Saturday Night Live tapped into that desire on last night’s episode with a parody ad for Zillow that sells the thoroughly unsexy property site as if it were a deeply erotic phone sex service.

“You used to want sex, but you’re in your late 30s now,” says cast member and comedian Bowen Yang.

“And sex isn’t really doing it for me anymore,” says episode host Dan Levy of Schitt’s Creek fame as he browses updated colonials with “mature” landscaping and a “big gross mansion” with an eat-in guest house. “I need a new fantasy.”

Check it out below—solo OR with a partner. ;}

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Ken Yadiggit

I know it may be par for the course when it comes to SNL in the last decade (save some political skits) but I just really wasn’t tickled by much.

This one made me laugh, as did the Super Bowl Covid Party, but for the most part the episode was meh. I stuck around for Levy of course, and kept the show in the background hoping to add to some sort of count for him.

But otherwise, SNL is just not worth keeping my 31 y/o ass up past midnight I alone?