Someone, Please Give Solange a Variety Show

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As my colleague Joan Summers has previously pointed out, Solange is basically a one-woman contemporary art museum who can sing, write, dance, curate, and wear all-black in a way that is sophisticated without being pretentious.


Monday night, Solange brought that polymathic sensibility to the Jimmy Fallon stage, performing a medley of songs from her latest album When I Get Home along with a visually stunning sequence that was 1950s nightclub act meets Martha Graham meets avant-garde performance art. While she was there, Solange also proved hip cutouts are the unsung hero of cutouts and white majorette boots are very cool as long as you’re dancing near her. The whole act harkened back to a time when folks waited around their tiny TV screens all night for the musical number on a talk or variety show. We don’t deserve a Solange Variety Hour, but it wouldn’t hurt to ask if she’d be into it.

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Solange is pretentious AF and I still love her for it!