Sophia Grace Is 15 and Not Living By Your Stupid Rules!

Sophia Grace, once a wee viral star whose “Super Bass” interpretation landed her on Ellen for a performance and a surprise meet-and-greet with Nicki Minaj, has gone through many phases in her eight-year career, begun when she was just 7. Now 15, she’s come a long way from making “Best Friends,” Jezebel’s favorite song of 2015. Having transitioned from the inclusion-and-party phase of her life—we all feel that way at 12—she is now entering her Blue Period, the part when teenhood hits her like a ton of bricks, she probably listened to a lot of Rae Sremmurd and Travis Scott that embedded itself in her developing cerebral cortex, and she’s ready to get introspective about her burgeoning self-direction and agency.


Enter “Can’t Sleep,” her new song and video about how she’s a different person and doesn’t want to be kept “on a leash” (cut to adorable dog on a leash, a metaphor for adorable Sophia Grace wanting to be free from society’s dumb expectations)! This is an individualistic feminist anthem too, probably, a young woman asserting her control over her own career and musical direction despite the music she desired to make when she was a teen. “I just wanna be on stage/they wanna hate/I do not care,” she raps, reminding us that she is totally British! I love this song and video and look forward to Sophia Grace’s continued evolution as an artist and a person!

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