Surrogate for Jeff Lewis Sues Bravo for Broadcasting Birth on Flipping Out

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On Tuesday, the surrogate for Bravo’s Flipping Out star Jeff Lewis and his partner, Gage Edward, sued the network for broadcasting the delivery without her consent.


Alexandra Trent gave birth to the couple’s baby girl in 2016 and Bravo aired the moment in an August 2017 episode. According to Variety, Trent alleges in the lawsuit that “the producers filmed her vagina without permission, and that Lewis and Edward humiliated her by making ‘disgusting’ comments on the show.” It reads: “In their quest for ratings, Defendants have deeply damaged Trent and have caused incredible anguish, self-loathing, contempt and depression.”

In the episode, Lewis crudely said, “If I was a surrogate, and I had known there was going to be an audience, I probably would have waxed,” and later, “And that was the shocking part for Gage. I don’t think Gage had ever seen a vagina, let alone one that big.” A truly wonderful thing to say about the woman who brought your daughter into the world!!

Trent met Lewis and Edward after responding to a classified ad in 2015. As their surrogate, she agreed to letting Bravo film ultrasound appointments. Trent says she made it very clear that she didn’t want the birth filmed, and, well, Bravo went and did a Bravo.

Variety’s Gene Maddau writes:

“According to the suit, the producers agreed to that condition, but then filmed it surreptitiously from behind a curtain. Neither she nor her doctor were aware that the cameras were rolling as the baby was born. She can be heard on the show screaming in pain, and according to the suit her blurred-out vagina is shown on screen.”

The clips of the birth are still available online. I won’t include them here for obvious reasons.

Representatives for Bravo and Jeff Lewis declined to comment.

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This is just cruel. This woman just literally put her life on the line for them to have a child, and instead of thanking her, they insult such a private part of her body and show it on TV against her wishes. What assholes.