The Crazy Rich Asians Sequel is Officially Happening

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That all-but-confirmed Crazy Rich Asians sequel is officially underway.

Deadline reports that screenwriters Peter Chiarelli and Adele Lim will begin writing the film adaptation of China Rich Girlfriend, the second book in Kevin Kwan’s Crazy Rich Asians trilogy of novels. Warner Bros. is going to wait until there’s a script in place before they fully green light the project, but it seems kind of inevitable?


While a sequel always seemed likely, producer Nina Jacobson said that movie versions of China Rich Girlfriend and trilogy-closer Rich People Problems all depended on how Crazy Rich Asians fared at the box office.

“We’d love to make one, but not unless the audience asks for it,” she told Deadline last weekend. “Hopefully, they will.”


Looking at the film’s opening box office, it’s safe to say the audience is asking for a sequel. Crazy Rich Asians opened at no. 1, raking in $44.4 million in its first week. The production, which has more than recouped its $30 million cost, will likely continue its box office reign during week two and, per Deadline, is expected to clear $100 million in the U.S. alone.

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Okay, then. I, an anonymous internet commenter, have demands for this 2nd film. I’m gonna need more Astrid (Gemma Chan) in this one. And I will be sorely disappointed if there isn’t loads of Kitty  (Fiona Xie) being ridiculous and OTT.

I obsessed over the books, and hated some of the movie’s changes and understood others. But now that there is more time, let some other characters shine, please.

Get on it, writers and producers! (They’reading this, right? :p )