Ever since Stranger Things, which felt like watching a mash-up of Stand By Me meets Carrie, everyone’s been thirsty for more ’80s-era Stephen King nostalgia. And after 2017 gave us adaptations of It, Gerald’s Game, and The Dark Tower, the adaptations just kept coming. Now we’re getting a TV show that ties together several different King stories into one sprawling, creepy show.

King fans might recognize Castle Rock as the writer’s favorite fictional Maine town. It’s where the Dead Zone takes place, as well as Cujo, and several of King’s short stories like “It Grows on You.” (Which, just as an aside, can I point out how much King has written to make Maine seem like the most terrifying state in the country, yet Texas gets named in the title of one horror movie and it’s forever solidified as cannibal central? New England is America’s real horror capital!)


The plot of Castle Rock is still mysterious, but we know André Holland plays a lawyer who returns to Castle Rock when he gets a call from Shawshank Prison (of The Shawshank Redemption.) There are also teens in spooky masks, blood-thirsty dogs, and a lot of talk about how terrible things are happening. And Sissy Spacek—Carrie herself!—is there, too. Sign me up!