The 'I'll Never Love Again' Oscar Push Has Begun

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Do I even need to announce that there are A STAR IS BORN SPOILERS AHEAD!!!! at this point? I mean, everyone who was gonna see it has seen it by now, right?



So, Bradley Cooper’s character fucking dies at the end of the movie, and Lady Gaga’s character is super sad about it, so she sings a very Bodyguard-era Whitney-esque song called “I’ll Never Love Again” about how she’ll never love again. It was the most emotionally stirring part of the film for me, personally, and I totally agree with this assessment, from Jezebel’s own Hazel Cills, that “I’ll Never Love Again” is “the only song I can see eclipsing ‘Shallow’ as an Oscar winner.”


Well, today is the day that the “I’ll Never Love Again” Oscar push begins. The music video dropped Friday, but you can only watch the full thing on Apple Music for now. By the looks of the preview Gaga tweeted earlier today, I don’t think it features any new footage, just some scenes from A Star Is Born cut together.

There’s some singing from the end of the film…

…some singing from the beginning…


…Ally partying on Jackson’s tour bus, accepting the sad but incontrovertible truth that she couldn’t be Jack’s fuckin’ dad if she fuckin’ tried…


…and more singing!


Watch the full teaser below.

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