The Trailer for Toni Collette's New Familial Horror Film Will Leave You Shaking in Your Doll Shoes

Anytime a trailer begins with a violent spike of strings, you know you’re not exactly in for something pleasant or relaxing. As proof, I give you the trailer for Hereditary, the upcoming horror film about a dollhouse aficionado (Collette), her family, and an angry dead grandmother who’s not quite ready to exit the mortal coil.


Written and directed by Ari Aster in his first ever feature film, Hereditary has gathered buzz since premiering at midnight showing at Sundance, garnering comparisons to 2015's The Witch (also an A24 production). Which is all to say that this is PRESTIGE horror, the kind that haughty film connoisseurs can feel good about watching, even though, as one reviewer at Variety points out, “it’s full of things that would look right at home in the megaplex horror-film-of-the-week.” (As someone who loves horror of all kinds EXCEPT the boring kind, I am glad.)

Hereditary co-stars The Leftovers’ Ann Dowd (yessss), Gabriel Byrne, Alex Wolff, and Milly Shapiro. It comes out on the spooOOoOokiest date of them all... uh... June 8, 2018.

Managing Editor, Jezebel

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pibber can't swim

I looooooooove Toni Colette and will absolutely be watching this. But what’s with the weird mouth click sounds in the trailer? I hope that doesn’t happen throughout the film cuz that sound would ruin the movie for me. I hate certain mouth sounds - they make me inexplicably angry. Or maybe that’s the point?!