There's One Less Chris in the Avengers: Endgame Trailer

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The world’s destiny once again rests on a handful of hot people with superpowers, one of whom is not Chris Pratt.

In the previous Avengers: Infinity War, a villain named Thanos eliminated half the world’s population out of a misguided but actually half-sensible belief that the universe needed a reset. The good thing was that this left us with two of the three best Chrises: Hemsworth and Evans. No Chris Pratt and all his bad music and insecurity.

The sad news is that Evans appears in this Avengers: Endgame trailer without a beard, which Thanos probably took. Who let this happen? There’s a good chance the heroes will save humanity because they have to: “Whatever it takes.” But the best thing Marvel could do is just replace Pratt with Pine in this universe and make them all kiss. This out April 26.

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Considering how infuriating a character Star-Lord is, I’m hoping we don’t see Pratt at any point of the film, even when they are all inevitably brought back.