They're Putting Puppets in the Puppets

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Screenshot: Fox

If I were asked to explain The Masked Singer, an esoteric nightmare stuffed with D-listers and freakishly realistic snail costumes, I would politely smile and say no, because as of last night, they’re putting puppets in the puppets.


No, an elaborate sex game did not unfold on Wednesday’s episode. In a stunning reveal, The Snail was revealed to be none other than Kermit the Frog.

Yes! A puppet was inside the puppet. No word on what happened to his butt pilot, or who he even is. Whatever—that’s one too many layers to this puppet-ception for me.

This has to be against FCC regulations, right? There must be a way to punish Fox for their crimes against puppets and also humanity, for broadcasting the mass hysteria of the panel of judges into the homes of people everywhere, as they watch a puppet crawl out the orifices of another puppet.

Are you OK, Jenny McCarthy? Maybe there’s a vaccine for whatever is happening here.

Screenshot: Fox


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