This One's for the Ladies Enters the World of Male Strippers and the Women Who Love Them

In his documentary This One’s for the Ladies, which hits theaters June 7 with an NC 17 rating, filmmaker Gene Graham’s explores the world of male exotic dancers in Newark, New Jersey, and the women who love them—“but mostly the women who love them,” Graham tells Jezebel. In addition to showing the pure thrill of observing male bodies on a strip club stage, the documentary turns into an exploration of class, community, and sisterhood.

“They can be whoever they wanna be and do whatever they wanna do and express how they wanna express and have a couple of cocktails and, you know, touch some dick, and have a good time,” Graham says of the women.


Watch Graham explain what went into making the documentary, including difficulty getting funding, in the interview above.

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hester bangs

Once again, we must turn to the sage words of Elaine Benes.

Wake me when they have a male mechanics working on cars while wearing Levis and sweating documentary.